Fullerton Condo Refresh

Like many first time home buyers, Eric was having trouble finding the perfect home that was: 1. In his budget, 2. Move-In Ready and 3. In an area close to his job. After several months of touring homes, writing offers and getting outbid, Eric was frustrated and ready to throw in the towel. However, his agent encouraged him to look at homes that weren’t in horrible condition but ones that needed some cosmetic renovations. Without many other options left, Eric and his agent re-focused their search on “light fixers”, (as they call them in the real estate world).

Fixer uppers can be awesome for many reasons. 1. You can often land an amazing deal on these homes because many buyers don’t want to buy a home that needs upgrades and many don’t have the funds to take on a remodel after purchasing a home. 2. Once you make some renovations, you often will have Sweat Equity in your home (We’ll discuss this more in another post). 3. Your home can be remodeled exactly how you want it.

After 2-3 weeks of trying to find the perfect opportunity, Eric found an awesome condo right by Cal State Fullerton.

On our discovery call, Eric gave us some ideas of the look and feel he was going for in his new condo. He is a Senior Visual Designer for an awesome tech company and appreciates simple and clean design. He expressed his desire for a zen space that felt warm but modern. His vision aligned well with our Downtown Collection. Because he was in the process of purchasing his first home,  he didn’t have a huge budget for a remodel but we were able to put together a scope of work  for him that made sense for  his budget.

Timing was also very important for Eric. He was about to start a new job, right after moving into a new home and didn’t want to spend more than a couple of weeks renovating. Scope of work: a kitchen remodel, paint,  new flooring throughout the condo and an updated bath vanity.

Check out some photos from the transformation process:


Yikes! This kitchen was definitely not cool enough for Eric.


Old kitchen demolished and removed!


After taking out the tile floors that were in the kitchen, there  was some minor prep work before putting the new luxury vinyl plank flooring in.


We started this project right in the middle of the COVID-19 Pandemic as stay at home orders were being announced. It was a really stressful time with a lot of uncertainty but we were still able to complete Eric’s project on time and on budget.

3 copy.png
4 copy.png

Eric was really happy with all the work done. He got a condo for a great price and got to update it exactly how we wanted it.


If you are thinking of renovating your kitchen or bathroom after buying a home or if you’d like to renovate your current home, you should definitely reach out to Renno for a custom quote. Email us at team@rennohome.com or Call/Text us at (949) 208-7575.

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