Granite vs Quartz Countertops? The Difference.

Thanks to HGTV, IGTV and all the TV’s, it seems like we get to watch everyone renovate their homes these days… and we are here for it! The more properties we see, the more we are inspired and the more we want to do to our own homes. When it comes to countertop choices it’s great to know the difference between the various materials, so you can choose the right one for your project.

Granite is a natural stone that comes from the earth, has great variety and color and can be cut down to most sizes and shapes. Keep in mind, it is a natural stone, and needs to be cleaned daily with soap and water, possibly a gentle granite cleaning product. It’s porous, so you’ll want to clean any spills up quickly, so that bacteria doesn’t grow in the stone. Due to the nature of granite, you should consider getting it resealed annually. If you’re wanting to be mindful of the environment, keep in mind that quarrying stone takes a lot of energy. So granite does put a little extra weight on our environment, so to speak.

Quartz has become very popular, thanks to its durability and beauty. Quartz is manmade, fabricated and produced. It’s actually harder than granite, nearly indestructible and because it’s not porous at all, it is less likely to harbor bacteria. Best of all, the tops do not need to be resealed! Woo! Aren’t we all for easier maintenance? Just wipe the countertop down. You can use most household cleaners, soap, water, etc. This versatile material can also be found in countless colors, styles and can be fabricated to most countertop shapes and needs. You’ll even see quartz slabs that look like marble, with the beautiful veining and imitated details throughout. Most quartz boasts a natural look too, making it a great option.

The cost of these stones vary, based on size, variations, dimensions and a few other factors.

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-Sara Hodge

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