How To Prep Your Home to Sell… 3 EASY Things You Can Do!

It’s time to sell, and you might be wondering where to start, and “What can I do on my own to save some money, while making the house look as great as possible?”

Here are 3 EASY things you can do to upgrade the look, feel and perceived value of the home:

  1. Change, update and/or replace all lightbulbs to matching LED ones!

    So simple, but makes a huge impact. Count up all the light bulbs in each room, making note of their different shapes (if you aren’t sure what to buy, you can even bring one of them with you to Home Depot or Lowes - the employees can help you find the right bulb for your home). I’ve done this in many homes, and I still bring old bulbs to the hardware store with me to make sure I get the right ones. Get LED lights; they are more energy and cost-efficient, plus they have a great luminescence! And voila! You’ll wish you had done this sooner… I do this every time I go to sell a property, and I always think “This looks so welcoming!”
  2. LESS really is MORE: Declutter and box up most non-essential items.

    Spaces with less “stuff” feel larger to the home buyer. Keep all of the daily items, weekly use things and toys for any children or pets on-hand, and clear any clutter that you can get by without. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find things to donate, give away or get rid of… it’ll be nice to enjoy more space while you’re home, and will definitely help home shoppers start to envision themselves in their potential new home!
  3. Bring in the green; literally! Of course you want “green” as in cash money, but in this case, I’m talking about a house plant.

Plants bring warmth, space, life and a sense of welcoming to a space. You can get a beautiful, sizable plant (or whatever works best for your space) at Home Depot. I got a floor palm there once… wait for it… for only $35, and it totally transformed my downstairs living room!

If you’ve got any other home renovation projects in mind, but don’t have the time or cash ready to do it all, CONTACT US today. It’s definitely worth taking a look at our top-to-bottom renovation and financing resources.

-Sara Hodge

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