Laminate vs. LVP Flooring

This is one of my FAVORITE topics of discussion, because as nerdy as it sounds, I absolutely love flooring. Each home is beautifully unique, because of the people who live inside of it. This means: We want options! Different people have different preferences, and flooring type is no exception.

Laminate and Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP from here out) are dominating the flooring market right now, and with great reason. They both look like natural wood (seriously it’s incredible how realistic they look), you can have WIDER plank size than with natural wood, and you don’t *need* to resurface them over the years, like you need to with natural wood. They come in various shades to match all decor styles, and are just wonderful.

Here are a few key differences to consider when deciding between laminate and LVP for your project:

  • LVP is water resistant. Read it again: resists water. Yes. Surface spills aren’t going to hurt the floor; just make sure to clean them up in a reasonable amount of time. (Because, let’s just walk on the side of caution to be safe.) Got kids in the “spills drink” phase? (Okay, I’m an adult and I still spill on occasion.) Have pets that track water on the floor? LVP could be a great option for your kitchen, bathrooms, anywhere.
  • Both LVP and laminate are extremely durable, which is fantastic for homes with children and pets. Unlike natural wood, they aren’t as susceptible to every little dent and scratch.
  • While LVP does a great job standing the test of time, laminate is still a bit more resistant to sun fading. If you have a lot of natural light pouring into the home, both are great options, but laminate will be just a bit stronger in that regard.

Both are gorgeous, look like the real thing and feel great to walk on when installed correctly. Let us help point you in the right direction if you need further assistance.

-Sara Hodge

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