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Like many homeowners, Erik and Jamie outgrew their home. They were bringing in another family member and their baby boy is not a baby anymore. They needed more space and they decided it was time to move. However, they knew that after many years of enjoying their home, they would need to make some upgrades and renovations to their home in order to sell it for the best possible price.

Their priorities? The outdated kitchen, flooring and paint. After consulting with their real estate agent, they felt like these renovations would yield the best return on their investment. Their next step was to get some quotes. They started by heading out to a local home renovation expo and met a few contractors there. After making a few phone calls, they were able to get contractors to come out and measure and within a week they were able to gather a few quotes. Many of the quotes they received were over their budget and one was north of $100,000!!! Unbelievable, we know!

Then came Renno. Erik and Jamie reached out to us in their last effort to renovate their home before putting it on the market. They were seriously considering selling it as-is, which they knew would have some financial implications. After discussing their renovation goals: design, budget and timeline, we were able to get them a quote within 48 hours of them reaching out to us. Soon after, they decided to move forward and within a week, we started their renovation.

When you walked into their home, all you saw was WALLS. Walls everywhere. Our first focus was taking down some of these walls to make their home feel more open and inviting. Check out these photos of the demolition process:

Before we started, this is what you would see when you walked in. WALLS.


Erik and Jamie told us one of the major issues with their kitchen was  the lack of counter space and room to move around the kitchen, especially with multiple people in there at the same time. Because of the wall to the right, their fridge wouldn’t open all the way, making it hard to grab things quickly. Because they didn’t have many cabinets, they often stored food in their garage or a closet in their hallway. This kitchen also featured cabinets and countertops that were originally installed in the home.

Screen Shot 2020-07-23 at 4.04.33 PM.png

Old Kitchen is demolished and removed. Flooring pulled up and the first walls removed!! The kitchen is finally seeing more light!

IMG_3133 copy.jpg

This is when we really got excited! Look at how open this is? With the removal of a few walls, this home was completely transformed. Open floor plans are highly requested from today’s home buyers.

Screen Shot 2020-07-23 at 4.05.15 PM.png

Erik and Jamie selected one of our Inland Collections for their design and then we put together a basic sketch for them to get an idea of what it would look like. They got a nice big peninsula and to solve the storage problem, we added cabinets on both sides.

IMG_0646_2 copy.jpg

Ceilings have been scraped, walls painted and floors prepped. Here, the contractors are already working on putting the new cabinets in.

Here are some final before and after photos:


In addition to the kitchen, Erik & Jamie got new floors throughout their home, and we also helped  them update two of the bathrooms. Their budget didn’t allow for a full renovation of the bathrooms but we were able to paint, add new quartz countertops and update the faucets, lighting and bathroom accessories. With these renovations completed, Erik and Jamie’s home was listed as a “HOT HOME” on Redfin, one of the most viewed listings on Zillow at the time and their home sold for a record high price in their neighborhood.


If you are thinking of renovating your kitchen or bathroom before selling a home, after buying a home or  for any reason at all, you should definitely reach out to Renno for a custom quote. Email us at team@rennohome.com or Call/Text us at (949) 208-7575.

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