What To Expect When Remodeling Your Kitchen

Going into a kitchen remodel can be exciting and overwhelming. You’re closer than ever to that sparkling new kitchen you’ve been dreaming about, but the idea of weeks of upheaval sounds stressful.

If this is your first major remodeling project, knowing what’s going to happen in the weeks ahead will help make it more seamless so you can live more peacefully (and keep your sanity). Preparation begins with knowing what to expect. Here's what you need to know.

Your Home Will Be Dust Central

Remodeling stirs up a lot of dust, dirt, and particles into the air. Not only does this pose a health risk for homeowners, but it can damage household fixtures and surfaces. Carpets, furnishings, appliances, and hardwood flooring should be covered for protection. Dust can also travel throughout the home via breezes and ductwork. To mitigate this, most contractors will isolate the room being renovated and seal a home’s air ducts — if they don’t, ask.

Your Home Will Sound Like Grand Central Station

There’s no way to get around it, a kitchen remodel is loud. The sound of demolition, power tools, and contractors’ conversations are noisy and disruptive.

If you can, schedule the work for when you and your family are out of the home to reduce noise exposure. Book the bulk of the work when the kids are in school. If you work from home, consider renting a temporary office space for a month for some privacy and focused time. Or steal away at a favorite coffee shop or library for a couple of hours of peace and quiet each day.

Some homeowners schedule family vacations for the duration of their planned remodeling projects. An alternative is booking a room at a nearby hotel or Airbnb during the noisiest and messiest part of the project.

You Will Need To Set Up Temporary Cooking and Eating Areas

Not having a working kitchen can be a real drag. Takeout is great, but eating out gets old fast. And expensive. Make a plan for preparing and cooking food for healthier meals and to keep costs down.  

Set up a separate space for food preparation and dining so you can whip up basic meals and save you money on food delivery. Purchase ingredients that can come together quickly, or make a basic meal plan for each week to take the guesswork out of cooking. If you're lucky enough to have nice weather and an outdoor kitchen or grill, take advantage of that and enjoy family cookouts.

Get Ready for Delays

Delays can and do happen often during major remodeling projects. Supply chain issues, worker illness or shortages, vehicle breakdowns, inclement weather, and late shipments are among the most common types. Work some wiggle room into your schedule to accommodate any setbacks. Although your contractor will do their best to keep the project on track, some things are out of their control.

Budget Anxiety Is Real

You’re about to hand over a chunk of your hard-earned money to a contractor. Feeling nervous or anxious is common. The internet’s full of horror stories of homeowners getting blindsided by unexpected costs that cause their budgets to spiral out of control. The reality is issues and problems are often an unpleasant part of remodeling. For example, you won’t know what’s behind the walls until you demo them, and you might not like what you discover.

One way to lessen the blow of an unexpected expense is to pad your budget for unforeseen issues. A good rule of thumb is adding 10% of the total project cost for unexpected expenses. While you can’t put a price tag on peace of mind, allocating some extra cash will help reduce budget anxiety.

Protect Your Furry Family Members

Pets will need some extra TLC during your kitchen remodel. Loud noises and strangers coming in and out of the home may make them frightened and anxious. Safety is also a concern - pets can escape or get injured, and pose a risk to workers if allowed to roam the job site. Consider taking them to a pet daycare during the loudest and messiest parts of the project. If that’s not possible, keep your pets in a safe and quiet room, as far away from the construction area as possible, and give them extra playtime and snuggles.

You Deserve a Stress-Free Kitchen Remodel  

Kitchen renovations can feel overwhelming, but they don’t have to be. One way to lessen the upheaval is by planning ahead and choosing remodeling professionals that are experienced and have your best interests in mind. At Renno, you can fast-track your kitchen reno project — envision your space with our 3D design tool, choose from a list of licensed contractors in your area, and order materials directly to your doorstep, all from a single source. Get started today.

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